In the Sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens strapped so you can a seat into Bardo and you can hooked up so you’re able to a keen IV drip

Using Disciple armor and you will cloaked, Sheidheda is offered throughout the Anomaly from the Next Start Bunker into the World

Off his condition tied up, Sheidheda observe this new conflict ranging from Clarke and family members and the Disciples you to definitely finishes into the Fire permanantly shed and most anyone making so you can save their friends. Before Clarke normally leave from the Anomaly, brand new Black Frontrunner weakly says to Bellamy he can help Bellamy if the Bellamy support him. Sheidheda directs Bellamy in order to Madi’s sketchbook on the his throne that has Madi’s pictures of one’s memory this lady has started sense about almost every other Commanders.

In advance of they can, Gabriel contact the fresh Black Chief off Madi and you may instructions the woman to get assistance from Indra

Cadgoan, going right on through Madi’s sketchbook, comments your Black Commander is lucky the Disciples brought your so you can Bardo otherwise Sheidheda will be dry. Cadgoan requires on Madi’s drawings and you will Sheidheda admits you to definitely as he didn’t mark them, he knows which performed. Regardless if Cadogan can dig through the brand new Black Commander’s thoughts, he asks exactly what the guy desires rather. Sheidheda desires assures that Sanctum is their, they can destroy the newest Stone additionally the Disciples cannot already been right back. Cadogan claims the Anomaly Stones try durable, but he is able to have Sanctum.

Cadogan second thoughts your Black Leader understands exactly what the paintings imply, but he knows that it indicates that somebody keeps memory not their, memories you to Cadogan need to begin with the last Battle, a war you to definitely Sheidheda wishes no element of. Cadgoan states one to Sheidheda is an integral part of they whether or not he would like to or otherwise not since if they earn, chances are they commonly transcend beyond their mortal variations. Yet not, brand new Black Commander enjoys his new human anatomy and you may Cadogan says to him that he often transcend no matter if he satisfies the fight. Sheidheda requires whether they have a package, however, Cadogan phone calls him a trick, telling the latest Black Chief that when it dump, it’s not going to number if the guy matches or perhaps not otherwise hence globe he or she is for the since the the peoples usually pass away. Sheidheda suggests that Madi gets the recollections and you may Cadogan knows that Bellamy realized and therefore is actually why Clarke slain him.

Sheidheda warns you to Clarke can’t ever assist Cadogan get the woman boy and this Cadogan’s struck people may get the kid murdered. Sheidheda shows that Cadogan upload your as an alternative, saying that he’d need zero an element of the struggle prior to however know what was at stake: “transcend or pass away.” The fresh new Dark Frontrunner has been around Madi’s head and seems you to definitely the guy understands their much better than Madi understands by herself just like the struck cluster would not learn Madi after all. Sheidheda promises to score Madi back, however their package must still-stand next. Cadogan releases the newest Black Frontrunner in the agreement and you can instructions your removed into Anomaly.

Even if facing Indra, Gaia and you may Octavia whom can not pick him, the newest Black Chief decides to not attack and you will as an alternative to adhere to Octavia then Octavia and you may Clarke and find Madi. After adopting the a couple in order to in which Guarantee, Jordan, Murphy and you will Emori is actually gathered into the a good worshop, Sheidheda learns you to Madi is within the rec space. Delighted, he shoves Octavia on workshop and you will hair the team for the.

Just like the Madi and you may Gabriel play the piano on rec room, Sheidheda stabs Gabriel through the as well as faces Madi. Preventing Madi’s refrain through a port, Sheidheda suggests themselves, advising the lady you to definitely she is the answer to the fresh new transcendence of one’s people and that he’s become delivered to bring the girl right back regardless of if Sheidheda desires leadership, never to transcend. The Black Chief reveals nanotracking pills he can used to promote the lady right back soundly, or a blade to stab their having to bring her back because of the force if she declines. Attracting their suit’s blade as an alternative, Sheidheda states he would rather abdomen Madi such as for example a good pig alternatively. Sheidheda stabs Gabriel several times before you leave your to pass away and chasing Madi.

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