Harvey enjoys this lady and you may trusts the girl seriously

Donna is a great networker and was “tied-in” on hearsay and not as much as-belly events regarding Pearson Hardman. Her network is extensive and operates as a result of much of Ny City. This is why, Donna is considered somewhat warily because of the associates and partners the exact same. not, she actually is a great confidante and you will a great some body person, that enables their to steadfastly keep up relationships with people you to definitely Harvey don’t. The woman is public, enjoyable, witty, and lovely, and people enjoy reaching this lady.

Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter is Donna’s longtime manager and you will friend. One another trust one another implicitly. They first met during the Region Attorney’s work environment, in fdating which Harvey is actually Assistant Area Attorney (ADA) and you will she try their assistant; these are typically a group since that time. Just after doing work for two years at DA’s office, Harvey grabbed Donna having him to Pearson Hardman.

The two are particularly romantic. He relies upon the woman and you can views their as important to their being. When he informed Jessica in the “All-in,” Donna was irreplaceable. Donna, consequently, adores Harvey and that is very faithful so you can your, to the stage where she’d get a round getting him. They bring higher pleasure inside for every single other people’s organization and take pleasure in their jokes and you may spoken sparring. (He has a good pre-demo ritual related to a can-opener and you will thumbtacks.) Usually, he’s got establish a simple spirits discovered just between ideal family unit members, and tend to be very good from the training additional. Not one person understands Harvey much better than Donna, and although Harvey fundamentally does continue their attitude close to this new tits, he or she is even more unlock and vulnerable with her than simply he’s that have anyone else. The woman is aware of all information on their private life–she knows about Harvey’s mommy and you will sibling, that will be attracted to Harvey’s dad. (She’s in addition to the individual who informed Harvey off their father’s dying.) Donna is even one of the few somebody whoever opinion Harvey philosophy, in which he pays attention carefully so you’re able to some thing she informs your, regardless of if he will not usually acknowledge they during the time. Whenever upset, Harvey possibly moves back abreast of setting up this new manager-staff boundary–a shield Donna makes sense sufficient to learn when you should disregard, acknowledging it into the emotionally distancing tactic that it is. She is likely alone with the capacity of remaining their irresponsible inclinations manageable. Harvey, meanwhile, was equally great at reading Donna, and although Harvey is not essential for the new auto mechanics out-of Donna’s lifetime, she is reliant greatly on his unswerving loyalty, determination, and you may psychological assistance. Even with being protective regarding his confidentiality, Harvey has assist Donna’s moms and dads stay at their condominium in advance of (just after she cried phony tears–a fact the guy simply discovers after), and you will Donna gets the spare the answer to his condominium.

Each other commonly examine one another due to the fact a couple halves to your exact same entire, and you will Donna possess set Harvey most importantly other matchmaking more than shortly after

Donna is actually a gold mine of information to own Harvey and you may pays attention directly into every his talks within his office (anything Harvey doesn’t dissuade, just like the he leaves their intercom toward on her). She is advanced level at planning on his need, and you will takes higher pride in-being capable bring Harvey having exactly what he need instead your asking for they. She viewpoints the girl jobs regarding manage or take proper care of your, and will go to one lengths to achieve this. This was very first confirmed inside “Statutes of the Games”, in which she gets Jessica incriminating facts facing Cameron Dennis immediately following Dennis threatens Harvey, and again during the “Break Area”, when she shreds an enthusiastic incriminating memo one she fears will implicate him inside a lawsuit.

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